Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment

Archery is a fun and unique sport! Nothing compares to a successful day shooting with your friends and family. So, who wants to get ready to shoot and then realize that they are missing something? At 12 Hour Auctions, we carry essential archery equipment just for you. Maybe a bowstring is hitting your arm. Or your fingers are aching from releasing so many shots. It doesn’t matter what type of archery style you are pursuing, having the right archery equipment is crucial. It’s easy to overwhelm yourself with all of the different brands, equipment, and gadgets if you are a new archer. Our archery equipment auction has everything you need to start – without the gimmicks!

Offering archery equipment at prices that you will always be satisfied with, 12 Hour Auctions is here to help prepare you for your next hunt.

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For example, there are a couple of different styles that you can shoot. You might be questioning what type of bow you should purchase! Most of today’s archers tend to stick with compound bows, crossbows, traditional bows, or recurve bows. Every different type of bow has an advantage that is unique to it, but also disadvantages! For an inexperienced archer, a recurve bow is great for the majority of uses. No matter what type of bow you are shooting with, having high quality archery equipment sets you up for success.


Once you have the correct bow – you’ll need arrows! It is smart to carry at least a dozen arrows regardless of what type of shooting you are doing. Traditional longbow and recurve archers will more than likely prefer to shoot fletched arrows with real feathers. On the other hand, compound bow archers prefer to use arrows that have plastic or rubber vanes. The type of arrow that you prefer to use will be based partly on personal preference and what type of archery style you will be shooting. It is good to get advice on which archery equipment is best to shoot but keep your mind open to all of the possibilities! Pay attention to what feels comfortable for you and what you feel you’ll be the most successful with.


Without a proper target, you will be shooting your archery equipment at random things. Don’t do this – it can damage or break your arrows! It is crucial to have proper, high quality archery targets. These targets can range from realistic 3D targets, box, or bag style targets. You just have to make sure that you are purchasing the correct target for your bow. Crossbows destroy targets that aren’t made specifically for them! On the other hand, most targets are perfect for compound, recurve, and longbows.


With so many different types of archery equipment, it’s easy to forget about broadheads! Although one of the smallest necessities when shooting, you can’t perform without it. With so many different manufacturers, types, and usages, choosing the correct broadheads for your hunt can seem nearly impossible. Don’t fret! Once you know the difference between all the styles of broadheads, you can narrow it down to which type will benefit you the most.

Two, Three, and Four Blade

Two, three, or four blades? The more blades you have, the more cutting surface there is! This means that there will be larger wound channels, and it is more likely to penetrate vials and sever arteries. Since friction and cutting surface have an immediate correlation, you will find deeper penetration with a two-blade broadhead opposed to any other broadhead. When hunters are wanting to shoot at a lower poundage, a low-profile, small-diameter, two-blade broadhead is the most sought-after choice. For hunters that are looking to shoot heavier arrows with their archery equipment, and are hoping to create gaping wound channels to increase the loss of blood, three and four-blade broadheads will do the trick.

One-Piece Fixed Blade

Have you ever heard of a one-piece fixed blade broadhead? Early hunters would construct arrowheads from a solid, single piece of rock, and in a way, this is still common in archery equipment today! Creating a broadhead from a single piece of material is not only common in two and three blade designs, but it’s also practical. Since there are no replaceable or moving parts, one-piece broadheads boast durability and won’t break on hard surfaces like bone. Choosing a one-piece broadhead means choosing reliability and a tough core!

Replaceable Fixed Blade

When it comes to wanting archery equipment that is always full of sharp heads, replaceable fixed blades are the way to go. Simply replace the blades as needed, and you are good to go! Yes – it’s that easy. Locking tightly in place with a collar around the ferrule of the broadhead, you can’t go wrong with replaceable blades. Coming in three or four-blade designs, this type of broadhead gives hunters the change to go right from the range to the field. Blades that have become dull from the target are quick and effortless to swap out. A majority of fixed blade broadheads are less than 1.5 inches in diameter, which makes them the best broadhead for hunters that crave maximum penetration with their setup.


Lastly, expandable broadheads are a popular piece of archery equipment that you don’t want to miss out on. The blades on this type of broadhead constrict tightly to the ferrule when in flight and expand on impact! Resulting in forgiveness on marginal shots and violent wound channels, some designs of this broadhead can cause a two-inch or larger cutting diameter. Expandable broadheads require more momentum to be effective compared to other fixed-blade designs, and are better for heavier arrows and draw weights. Although they have proven to be effective on larger game such as elk and moose, many hunters use them on animals with relatively thin hides.

With so many possibilities of archery equipment to choose from, 12 Hour Auctions only offers you the highest quality in products and the lowest prices on the market. Sign up to bid, today!