How it Works


12 Hour Auctions is a company that focuses on outdoor products and liquidation auctions! So how does it work?  We host weekly online auctions. Each auction will last only 12 hours, so bid fast and don’t miss out on an amazing deal! Each Thursday, auctions begin at 7 AM CST. Each item’s auction thereafter begins 1 minute after the last.  Members have 12 Hours to place their bids. 12 Hours later the auction ends.  Our weekly auctions will be done by proxy bidding.  The goal of proxy bidding, also known as maximum bidding, is for you to win the auction item at the lowest possible price by placing bids on your behalf at the lowest possible increments up to a maximum amount you set. Simply enter the highest amount you’re willing to pay and the system will bid for you as prompted by other bids.  If another member bids higher than your maximum bid, we will notify you by email. The current bid on each item is visible at all times.


Membership is Free!  When you win an auction you’ll need to pay for the item within 24 hours by credit/debit card and it will ship to you within 24 hours of payment. How could it be any easier than that?

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SHIPPING (Effective 7/5/2022)

Shipping is $10 an item, if you buy 3 or more  items you get $25 flat rate shipping! Each week our members receive an email featuring that week’s listings and that week’s featured products. If you pay before 10am CST, we ship the product out on the same day.  12 Hour Auctions ships Monday-Friday.

How Shipping Works

Users holding a paid membership prior to July 2022 will be grandfathered in and continue to receive free shipping as long as the membership is active.

Shipping Carriers

We use the following carriers to deliver our orders:


A membership to 12 Hour Auctions is FREE! The cost per item is based on the number of members bidding and how badly they want or need the item! There is no buyer’s premium or any other hidden cost. Once you are a member, the only way you spend any additional money is when you purchase an item.



12 Hour Auctions classifies the products we sell into 4 different categories:
New In Box – Sealed Package:  These products are brand new and still in the original packaging.  The factory seals will still be in place and/or the product will be in the original shrink wrap.
New – Open Box:  Products in this category are brand new, in the original packaging and may still be in the factory bag inside the outer packaging.  The packaging on these products may have been opened, the factory seals cut or may be missing the original shrink wrap.
Used – Tested:  These products are clearly used and returned.  They may or may not have the original factory outer packaging or the packaging may be dented or torn.  These product are tested by 12 Hour Auctions and work at the time of listing on the website.
Used – Untested:  These are the “roll the dice and see what you get” products.  They are clearly used, we don’t test them and they are sold AS IS.   An example of a products in this category tend to consist of non-mechanical or non-electronic items.  It’s not to say that these items will NEVER fall into this category but this category is more geared to items like shoes, apparel, and other personal items or gadgets.  This is more likely going to be a spatula, a paper towel holder or something else that visually appears to be ok but there is no way to test it or testing doesn’t make sense on the product.  Either way, these products are SOLD AS IS and can not be returned.


12 Hour Auctions warehouses the majority of our products. In very rare situations a product may come from somewhere else. We securely store and inventory our products months in advance so that they are ready to ship to the lucky bidder who wins! Unless otherwise specifically noted in the auction, Shipping is $10 an item, if you buy 3 or more  items you get $25 flat rate shipping!