Hunting Gear

Hunting Gear

Hunting is all fun and games – until you realize just how expensive hunting gear can be! So, why not try an auction? At 12 Hour Auctions, we have the perfect way for you to get around price gouging and expenses adding up. With today’s technology, you can name your price with proxy bidding and purchase gear at heavy discounts!

At 12 Hour Auctions, we supply you with high-quality hunting gear and unbelievably fair prices. The opportunities are endless!

Are you an avid whitetail bowhunter? We have the perfect hunting gear to keep you hidden up above! With our tree stands, you will have a raised platform that gives you the most opportune view right above where any game can see you. When bowhunting, a crucial moment is the attempt to draw your bow and remain undetected. Deer will scatter if they see even the most subtle movement! With our hunting gear, you can stay unnoticed while having the perfect angle to hunt from in the tree stands that we offer for auction.

Some hunters are more at ease on the ground – and that’s okay! We have just the right gear for you, too. A hunting blind from one of our popular retailers offers the perfect way to remain concealed during your hunt. When you place soundproof and camouflage walls in the middle of you and a deer, you can hide for hours on end. So, go ahead and take a few test shots so that you can shoot with confidence. You can’t go wrong when you are at eye-level with game, and with our hunting gear, you are sure to have the best of luck!

If you’ve never field dressed an animal, we have the perfect hunting gear for that, too! With the Pakkawood field dressing knife from FieldTorq, one of our most popular items, dressing your game is a breeze. Not only is it functional – it’s nice on the eyes! If you’ve never seen it before, Pakkawood is a laminate that prevents slipping in wet conditions. Don’t forget, if you plan to butcher your game at home instead of on-site, you’ll need freezer paper or a vacuum sealer to keep your meat fresh in a freezer!

If you are just starting with the sport of bowhunting, there is a lot of necessary hunting gear! Aside from the bow itself, you will need broadheads for hunting, field points for practicing, and the arrows. We have all of that hunting gear, too! If you purchase your gear from an archery store, you are likely to be paying full price more often than not. With proxy bidding, you purchase all of our gear at an unbelievably low cost. You name your price!

At the end of the day, at 12 Hour Auctions, we understand that everyone deserves high-quality hunting gear at a fair price. No matter what type of hunter you are, we have your best interest in mind – guaranteed!