Liquidation Merchandise

Bid Now on General Merchandise


12 Hour Auctions is excited to offer a new world of general liquidation merchandise on our popular auction platform.  The best thing about this new merchandise, it’s never the same.

Liquidation Merchandise?

So, what exactly is this new liquidation merchandise? It may include everything from espresso machines to power tools to LED outdoor patio lights. Right now, you are saying, “Yeah, that’s cool and all but what does this mean for me?”

It means that you can get even more products that you want for the same low prices as before! Save up to 70% on great products using our proven bidding platform!

Need more information?  Ok, here you go.  We receive semi loads of pallets with products that have been returned, are overstock products, or are shelf-pulls from online and brick and mortar retailers.  All pictures of our liquidation products are real pictures of the boxes or bags that these products come in. What you see is what you get. And what’s the best part of this? You never know what we will have, because neither do we!

If you are going to bid on liquidation merchandise, here’s important information you need to read and understand.

All 12 Hour Auctions liquidation products are sold AS IS. No liquidation products sold through 12 Hour Auctions come with any warranty through us or through the manufacturer. As with many other liquidation sites, we do not offer returns on products. If there is an issue with a product or shipping, please contact our Live Chat support team through the website and we will be happy to help.

 As always, Happy Bidding!